The SLG Way

Sovereign Lending Group isn’t just another mortgage company on the map.  We are a family that believes in who we are as a whole and what we provide to the American people.  SLG was founded by Dan Holtz and Joe Pirro in 2005.  They partnered together to not just build another mortgage company but to build relationship with the community.

 Today the company employs 250 team members who help originate, process and fund loans for Hard Working Americans in 46 states. We pride ourselves on a company culture and purpose committed to serving those who have served others – veterans, police officers, firefighters, and other public servants. These individuals have given their all to secure the dreams of others, and they deserve the attention needed to guarantee their own

Our Mission & Core Values

 Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence.
Our goal is to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible.


Passion for People


Say Something




Right Thing



SLG believes in the order to keep the ship running smoothly all must live by the core values.

Without being in alignment it would just be chaos and each man for himself. Family cares and drives the other members to succeed professionally and personally and that is what you will find here at SLG.

Integrity is one of the key components to separate this mortgage company from the others. It’s our fight to keep the American people informed of what opportunities they have and to help them make the best decision for their families.

Our Story

Sovereign Lending Group stands for the people making their American Dream a reality. More than just another mortgage originator, Sovereign has developed a trustworthy, high-touch process that considers the unique case of every loan applicant and ensures they get the level of attention they deserve. This principle is exemplified in its work with those who have served America. Here, and with every client, Sovereign easily goes the extra mile – because its clients already have.

Dan Holtz

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sovereign Lending Group began his mortgage career shortly after graduating from USC and quickly fell in love with the industry. “What greater way to give back to society than to help hard working Americans with one of the biggest investments they will make in their lifetime…their home.” In 2005 he embarked on a journey with his business partner Joe Pirro to change the mortgage industry and founded Sovereign Lending Group. Since 2012, Sovereign Lending Group has been recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Company and has funded billions of dollars in home loans. With a focus on technology and helping hard working Americans, Sovereign Lending Group has done what most other lenders couldn’t…provide the ultimate customer experience.

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In 2016 SLG implemented the most advanced proprietary communication platform in the mortgage industry, Tech 1. The multi-million dollar Tech 1 system is one of the foundations for the continued expansion of Sovereign Lending Group.

Mr. Holtz’s work in the mortgage industry has been recognized in Inc Magazine, Orange County Business Journal, Orange County Register, National Mortgage Professional Magazine, Yahoo News and Scotsman Guide. He holds an MBA from the

Joe Pirro

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sovereign Lending Group is an industry leader and true visionary. In addition to his strong operational background and thorough knowledge of the mortgage process, Joe is known for his passion for technology and innovation.

As a member of the millennial generation, Joe instinctively wanted to focus on creating a business with cutting edge technology being one of the main pillars to success. In 2016, Sovereign Lending Group implemented Tech 1, a multi- million-dollar investment strategy in technology and infrastructure. “Tech 1 is the most technologically advanced system on the market and will pave the way for the industry.” With this blend of high-tech and high-touch operational excellence, it has allowed Sovereign Lending Group to achieve the prestigious honor of being listed on the Inc. 5000 honor roll for 9 years in a row.

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Joe began his career in the mortgage industry, working at his father’s mortgage company, first as a telemarketer. As he quickly rose the ranks of the organization, he gained valuable insight as to how each of the various components of the loan manufacturing process worked in relation to one another. After graduating with his degree from USC, Joe founded Sovereign Lending Group in 2005 with his long-time friend and schoolmate, Dan Holtz.

Joe is dedicated to upholding and preserving the American Dream of home ownership for all hard-working Americans.

Beyond business, Joe enjoys fishing, boating, and Formula 1 racing.

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